Store owners must enforce social distancing, says medical association

Store owners must inform customers to maintain a safe distance of one metre from each other to keep the Covid-19 infection at bay, says the Malaysian Medical Association.

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) today urged store owners to help enforce social distancing at their premises to curb the spread of Covid-19, which has already claimed 24 lives and infected 2,031 people.

In a statement, MMA president Dr N Ganabaskaran noted that social distancing is still not being practised at a number of markets, small to medium-sized supermarkets and grocery stores.

This, he warned, may increase the risk of new Covid-19 clusters that may further spread infections.

Enforcement, said Ganabaskaran, was needed in such areas, adding that the authorities might not be able to assign enforcement personnel to every store.

“Therefore, if there is a possibility of a crowd building up, the store should take steps to try and regulate the flow of traffic and get their customers to cooperate in observing social distancing.”

Awareness, he said, was important among store owners so that they can inform customers to keep a safe distance of one metre as practised in some of the bigger supermarket chains.

Ganabaskaran went on to say that state governments and municipal councils could play a key role in educating the public on the importance of social distancing through banners placed at strategic locations, including near shop lots and at T-junctions.

“Shoppers should also be well prepared by preparing a list of items they need before going to the store to make their visits as brief as possible.”