Cash aid for 150,000 in Sabah stimulus package

Sabah’s Rural Development Minister Ewon Benedick says the recipients will get RM500 or RM300 each.

KOTA KINABALU: More than 150,000 people will receive cash aid under the state government’s Covid-19 economic stimulus package.

Sabah’s Rural Development Minister Ewon Benedick said the name list has been finalised and the payment vouchers are being processed and will be completed tomorrow.

The vouchers will be submitted to the state treasury and the money credited to the recipients’ bank accounts, he said.

He did not specify how long this will take.

Benedick said 38,203 in the e-kasih list – with 15,747 listed as hardcore poor and 22,456 as poor – will receive a one-off payment of RM500.

Another 41,115 not listed in the e-kasih registry but are considered in the B40 group will receive a one-off payment of RM300, he said after a briefing by the ministry’s deputy permanent secretary, Aftar Nurajat, here today.

Also receiving RM300 each under the B40 cash aid will be 14,781 farmers, 516 livestock farmers, 7,592 fishermen, 38,892 smallholders, 316 mountain guides and 14,624 Sabahans working in Peninsular Malaysia.

The state government had allocated RM20 million in cash aid for the hardcore poor and an additional RM80 million for the B40 group in the stimulus package.