Ramadan bazaars to continue in federal territories, says minister

Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa says Ramadan bazaars will be ‘adjusted’, not cancelled.

PUTRAJAYA: Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa says the management of Ramadan bazaars in the federal territories will be modified beginning this year to prevent congestion at stalls.

He said his ministry would work on the matter with the relevant parties before making an announcement.

“Just because Singapore or other parties have announced that there will be no bazaars this year does not mean we will say the same thing,” he told the media before viewing the disinfection work at shops in Presint 15 here today.

He said Ramadan bazaars would not be cancelled but instead adjusted as they were needed by the people, especially those living in the cities.

“We have to think of the needs of rural folks who do not have the time to cook after returning from work,” he said.

“I want this matter to be looked at as previous Ramadan bazaars were big and spread out, and we probably cannot do the same (this year),” he said.

He said Ramadan bazaars this year could be held with up to 50 stalls in any one place, or perhaps only 10 stalls which are spaced out and opened in many places.

“Whether the movement control order (MCO) is continued or not, we will not carry on with the old way which could cause health problems.

“We have to improve our lifestyle, not just exercise self-discipline during the MCO. There are many things we can learn and continue to practise post-MCO,” he said.