Petting zoo gets help after only source of income cut off

G2G Animal Garden has received donations and food after relating its plight on Facebook. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: Help is coming in for the owner of an animal farm which has been forced to close because of the movement control order.

G2G Animal Garden operations executive Rozai Che Ahmad highlighted her plight on Facebook after its only source of income, from entrance fees, was cut off because of movement restrictions.

“Our problem is even if we do not have visitors, we still need to feed our animals and maintain their wellbeing,” she said.

The petting zoo has a variety of birds and reptiles as well as a pony, horse, goats and rabbits.

“After we posted on Facebook, many people told us they were worried about the animals. Some gave us donations while some gave us animal food,” Rozai said.

Asked if she expected the crowd to return once the MCO was called off, she said she could only hope for the best.

Meanwhile, Farm in the City said tour groups had cancelled visits there since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Its general manager for business development and marketing, Rajagopal Yagambaram, said the company is now using its limited resources to maintain the farm and care for its animals.

“However, if the situation prolongs, then the management might have to look at other channels such as sponsors or donations,” he said.

Casey Teh, who operates an ostrich farm in Semenyih, said he was using his savings to cover his operation costs.

“We had opened our farm for visitors during the school holidays but the tours were cancelled,” he said.

“For now, we are supplying goat’s milk, chicken meat and eggs to buyers,” he said.

Teh said people would be cautious about visiting public places after the MCO is called off.
“It will be a slow process to gain public confidence again,” he said.

Zoo Negara is also reported to have started a donation campaign to sustain its operations, saying it is relying on its emergency fund which can last for three months.