Married, but only getting Prihatin aid for singles

Prihatin Nasional aid will be disbursed according to the marital status on record, says Inland Revenue.

PETALING JAYA: Applicants for financial assistance under the Prihatin Rakyat economic stimulus package will not be allowed to update their marital status in order to be eligible for different aid categories.

This includes couples who were married in 2019 or early 2020 but who are still listed as being single, according to an FAQ released today by the Inland Revenue Board.

Divorcees who are listed under the household category are also not allowed to apply for the aid to single persons.

“Requests to update marital statuses are not allowed,” it said.

However, no legal action would be taken against anyone who requests aid in the singles category despite being married, and vice-versa.

It added that the Treasury Department in Sabah and Sarawak will open counters in the interior regions to make aid payments at a later date.

Applicants without a bank account or who failed to have the credit transferred will be paid in cash at the end of the movement control order period.

The IRB also said the aid for new requests and appeals will be paid out next month in one go once they are approved, instead of in staggered amounts in April and May.