Almost half of self-employed lost jobs during MCO, govt survey finds

The Covid-19 outbreak and movement control order have taken a heavy toll on the economy.

PETALING JAYA: A survey by the Statistics Department has found that nearly half of self-employed Malaysians lost their jobs during the ongoing movement control order (MCO) period.

In the department’s report on the survey findings which covered 168,182 respondents, it also found that 43% of self-employed people did not have enough money to last beyond two weeks, while the finances of another 28.4% would only last a month.

Of the self-employed, some 46.6% of respondents lost their jobs while 35.5% of those who are still working have seen their incomes reduced by over 90%.

By sub-sectors, those in the food and beverage sector were the worst hit with 35.4% losing their jobs, followed by the fisheries (33%) and agriculture (21.9%) sectors. The logistics sub-sector meanwhile saw 18.7% losing their jobs.

On financial resources in the event of an extended MCO, 81.9% of those who are self-employed said they were not prepared, while 71% of employers and 65.1% of private sector workers said they too were not prepared.

The survey also found that 7% of private sector workers are on leave with half salary while 13.2% are on unpaid leave.

Respondents in three states, namely Sabah, Kelantan and Perlis, are the most affected by the MCO.

The survey found that between 12% and 19% of those surveyed from the self-employed, employers, government-linked companies, private sector and multi-national company worker sectors were not aware that the government is providing aid to workers on unpaid leave.

The second phase of the MCO is set to end on April 14, with the government expected to announce soon whether another extension will be made.