Mongolian rep thanks Malaysians for backing action on rape case

Two Mongolian women detained at a roadblock last week were reported to have been taken to a hotel and raped.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Mongolian consulate here has expressed appreciation for pressure by Malaysian civil society for transparency in the handling of a rape case involving two Mongolian women and a police inspector and a protection order for three other Mongolian women.

Mongolia’s honorary consul, Reynolds Augustine, said that the widespread online discussions, media coverage and support have heightened public awareness on the plight of the five Mongolian women, which have seen the police reaffirming their commitment to investigate the case with the highest accountability.

“Although we are functioning under incredibly tough conditions, we are overwhelmed to have received such tremendous support from so many concerned Malaysians with respect to the situation faced by the five Mongolian ladies.

“We are extremely grateful for this support despite the current movement control order and are certain that all the attention this case has received will ensure transparency and accountability throughout the investigations,” Augustine said in a statement issued through a legal firm here.

Among the groups that have expressed support are Mongolia Malaysia Friendship Society, All Women’s Action Society, Empower, Foreign Spouses Support Group and Amnesty International Malaysia.

Bernama reported on April 12 that a police inspector, aged 30, had been arrested for investigations into the rape of two Mongolian women at a hotel in Petaling Jaya the previous day. The inspecor was arrested after police rescued the two women, aged 20 and 37 years, at the hotel.


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