Nasi kandar shops seek to offer sahur meal deliveries

Nasi kandar restaurant operators in Penang are seeking permission to offer sahur meals through a food delivery service.

GEORGE TOWN: Several nasi kandar restaurant operators are seeking to carry out food delivery services for the pre-dawn meal (sahur) before fasting.

Penang Island mayor Yew Tung Seang said today the matter would be considered in more detail on whether there was a need for the restaurants to be in operation at that time. Police advice would also be sought, he said.

Yew said the city council (MBPP) would consider the proposal if there was an application submitted, taking into account the important steps that must be taken before making any decision.

Earlier today, the president of the Indian Muslim Community Organisation of Malaysia, Mohd Rizwan Abdul Ghafoor Khan, urged MBPP to consider the proposal.

He said the association was concerned about the plight of factory staff working late at night as well as bachelors who could not go out to buy food because of restrictions under the movement control order.

“We seek to be allowed to operate for three hours for the pre-dawn meals from 2.30am to 5.30am,” he said. The shops would use an online food delivery service with orders taken through a smartphone application to be launched this week.

He said the proposal was also to assist front-line personnel, especially those working late at night, to make food orders if they had difficulty getting food supplies for their pre-dawn meals.


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