2 Mongolian women sue inspector for false imprisonment, sexual assault

Reports said the two Mongolian women were detained at a roadblock in Petaling Jaya.

KUALA LUMPUR: Two alleged Mongolian rape victims today filed a suit in the High Court here against a police inspector and a boutique hotel proprietor in Petaling Jaya.

The women, aged 20 and 37, whose identities have been withheld as they would be filing for a gag order, sued the inspector for false imprisonment and sexual assault.

They also sued the hotel for aiding him to commit the alleged crime.

Legal firm Thomas Philip filed the writ of summons at the High Court here this afternoon.

The women want the court to award special, general, punitive and exemplary damages as well as any other relief deemed fit.

Lawyer Mathew Thomas Philip said this was the first step in seeking compensation for the alleged assault.

“We hope the courts will recognise the irreparable damage suffered by my clients and also the gross violation of trust perpetrated by the accused at a time of national emergency,” he said.

Thomas said he had written to Criminal Investigation Department director Huzir Mohamed today to seek clarification about when the inspector would be charged.

“The consulates of Mongolia have placed their trust in our firm to help their nationals and we will work as hard as possible to fulfil this responsibility.”

The legal firm said it accepted a brief from the honorary consul of Mongolia last week to assist in the legal proceedings on behalf of the two alleged victims as well as their three acquaintances who were detained after alerting authorities on the alleged incident.

It was reported that the two women were arrested at a roadblock here on April 10 over claims they did not possess valid travel documents.

The officer allegedly took the women to a hotel where he was accused of raping them.

A 30-year-old suspect was remanded for seven days but was freed on Saturday on police bail.

Petaling Jaya police said they had sent the investigation papers to the deputy public prosecutor’s office in Shah Alam for a decision.

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