Students can go home ‘very soon’, one-way return for those in home towns

Tens of thousands of students have been stranded on campus since the movement control order was implemented in mid-March. (Bernama pic)

PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has assured the tens of thousands of students who have remained on campus since the movement control order (MCO) last month that they will be allowed to return home “very soon”.

“To parents, please be patient. Give some time to the relevant ministries to manage this,” he said in a special Ramadan address tonight.

Muhyiddin also said the government would allow those who are “stranded” in their hometowns to return to the cities, but only for a one-way trip.

He said details of the students’ journey back home were being worked out by the government, with the advice of the health ministry.

He said this had to be planned well to avoid any infections and because it involved an estimated 100,000 students.

“Before being allowed to return home, we will make sure all the students are healthy and do not exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19.

“God-willing, your children can be home soon. What’s important is that they return home safely,” he added.

For the journeys of those left stranded in their hometowns, Muhyiddin said the government was collecting data and studying the best way to plan their journeys.

Those who want to make the journey may register online through a phone app provided by the police, or by registering at the nearest police station.

Muhyiddin stressed that it was important for the police to plan the journeys well in order to prevent traffic jams on the highways.

“You must also make sure that you are healthy and do not exhibit any symptoms before making the journey,” he said.


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