Preacher aiding poor during MCO to stay at home after being quizzed by cops

Preacher Ebit Liew says he has been spending his own money to help those needing his help. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: An independent Muslim preacher today announced he will no longer be going out to distribute aid to those needing it while the movement control order (MCO) is in force after he was called to give a statement to the police on his activities.

In a Facebook post, Ebit Liew, whose videos of him and his team giving aid to Malaysians of all races have gone viral on social media, said from now on, he will only be helping people from the confines of his home.

Several parties had lodged police reports on Liew’s activities and today he gave his statement to the police at Bukit Aman.

“I apologise to everyone. After being advised, my service (directly to the people) ends here. I will only transfer funds to those in need.

“I will continue from my home. Do not tag me in posts on people needing help. After the MCO, I will try to help.”

Liew has been active in helping those in need during the MCO, including contributing supplies to frontliners.

But, some have questioned his actions after he shared that he visited a bed-ridden senior citizen, who had been living in a dilapidated and dirty home.

That post drew the attention of many social media users who questioned the role of the authorities, including the state government, the Welfare Department, the Kedah Zakat Board and the surrounding community in helping the man.

Liew said police had called him last night to give his statement at Bukit Aman and shared that he cried while doing so because he was too tired.

“I feel so sad. If I have troubled anyone, I apologise. I cannot stand to see people sleeping in their own faeces or at the side of the street,” he said, adding he had paid for the accommodation of hundreds of people.

Liew said he used his own money to help those in need, spending some RM1 million so far. This was possible because his business was doing well, he said.

“I just want to hug my child, I want to hug my angel. A blessed Ramadan to all,” he said in a message.

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