No investigation papers opened into Ebit Lew, say cops

Police say preacher Ebit Lew had been given permission to deliver aid to those in need during the MCO and they have never obstructed his charity work. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: No investigation papers have been opened into independent preacher Ebit Lew for his activities in helping the poor during the movement control order (MCO), according to Bukit Aman CID director Huzir Mohamed.

Huzir said the reason the preacher was called up to Buit Aman was because of the reactions he had drawn toward his charity work, posted on social media.

Although his charity work was praised by many, he said it was not well-received by some who felt that he was “showing off”.

“The controversy that ensued forced the police to act accordingly to ensure the peace and wellbeing of the community is preserved,” he said in a statement today.

He confirmed that Lew had been given permission to deliver aid to those in need during the MCO, adding that the police had never obstructed him from doing so.

However, he stressed that no one flouting the MCO is above the law.

Yesterday, Lew announced that he would end his direct aid service to the needy and would only continue to help the needy by transferring funds to their accounts.

He did so after being called to give a statement in Bukit Aman over his charitable acts reported on social media, which included giving a new home to a bed-ridden senior citizen and his family living in squalid conditions.

Lew had been active in helping individuals in need since the MCO began on March 18, including giving various donations to the frontliners.

The social media reports drew the attention of some who questioned the role of the authorities, including the state government, the Welfare Department, the Kedah Zakat Board and the surrounding community, in helping the poor.

Lew said he had been using his own money to help those in need, spending some RM1 million so far. This was possible because his business was doing well, he said.

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