How can we thank you, says family as aid pours in

Suhaily Ramli and her family in their low-cost flat in Kota Damansara.

PETALING JAYA: Aid has been pouring in for the family of Suhaily Ramli, whose struggle to care for nine children, four of whom are handicapped, caught the attention of Malaysians nationwide last weekend.

From cash contributions and food items to even job offers for her and her hawker husband, a steady stream of help has been making its way to her doorstep.

Suhaily, 44, who gave up her job as a nursing assistant to care for her family in their small PPR flat in Kota Damansara, said she has been left speechless.

Suhaily’s children are aged one to 22 years. Her husband, 48, lost his income due to the movement control order.

But the family has received a stream of visitors bringing items such as rice, eggs and other essentials since FMT highlighted their plight on Sunday.

“Someone from a residential area nearby came to give me fresh chicken,” Suhaily said.

Suhaily Ramli and two of her nine children.

“Even an officer from the welfare department and the Kota Damansara assemblyman came to visit.”

Other well-wishers brought more food items and cooking necessities which will help see her family through the fasting month.

“Even my daughter said breakfast was so filling. Because of people’s generosity, we felt more full than usual,” Suhaily added.

She said people had also been phoning her, asking for her bank account number or address so they can visit.

“There were so many people calling, maybe more than 20. I could not pick up some calls as I may have been cooking or my child was crying.”

She said job offers for her husband and children have come from “kind-hearted businessmen”, with representatives from a hypermarket and hardware store offering them work at nearby outlets.

Some of the food donations Suhaily Ramli and her family have received.

As for the cash donations, Suhaily said she had yet to check on the amount her family has received.

“We don’t know how to thank FMT and those who came forward. We are overwhelmed by their generosity,” she said. “As a family, we just want to get by, like other people.”


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