Undocumented migrants held in major swoop at Menara City One

Authorities in personal protective equipment just before the raid at Menara City One in Kuala Lumpur today.

PETALING JAYA: Authorities have allegedly conducted a sting at Menara City One in Kuala Lumpur, which is under the enhanced movement control order (EMCO), and arrested undocumented migrants, FMT has learnt.

According to a resident who spoke on condition of anonymity, police and immigration personnel had raided “the whole of Jalan Masjid India” in search of undocumented migrants at about 11am.

“They caught a lot of people,” the resident told FMT.

The resident said they were informed of a raid in their WhatsApp group.

According to the message, those arrested were those whose work permits had expired.

The resident said some of his neighbours were arrested. “I saw them being taken away.”

Most of the foreigners in Menara City One are Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and Indonesians.

Earlier today, it was reported that police and immigration trucks were spotted at Menara City One. Some of the personnel were said to be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

Another Menara City One resident, Susiyati Soemarto, 50, said they were told this was going to be a large-scale operation by the immigration authorities.

She said “hundreds of vans” started coming at 8am without warning

“My friends and I were shocked. Why were there so many vans?

“They came to my house at 1pm. They asked to see my documents, my passport and if I had a flight ticket home,” Susiyati, who hails from Surabaya, told FMT.

She said the authorities did not ask her so many questions after she furnished her documents.

Those who did not have documents or permits were told to go downstairs, Susiyati said.

“There are some (who were hauled up) whom I did not know but some were my friends.”

She said the authorities went to all the units, floor by floor.

Susiyati believes those who were detained were going to be deported.

When contacted, an official from the Immigration Department in Kuala Lumpur asked to wait for an official statement from the government.

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