Refugee girl, 6, found dead with head injuries on road shoulder

KUALA LUMPUR: A refugee girl, aged 6, was found dead at 9.50am today on a road shoulder at Jalan Memanda 3, opposite Ampang Point and a restaurant, police said.

“Investigations show she was a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees card-holder and about six years old. She was bald and it is believed her death was caused by being struck with a hard or blunt object,” said Ampang district police chief Noor Azmi Yusoff.

He said that based on information that was received, the child had been beaten because she had refused to eat.

He said a man and two female UNHCR card-holders were arrested at a hotel in Jalan Memanda 5 — the suspected place of death – within 30 minutes of a police search operation being launched.

A post-mortem will be carried out.

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