Govt mulling rent-then-own scheme for B40 youth in KL

Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa says a proposal is in the works where more than 1,000 units of houses around the city centre will be rented out while tenants wait for affordable housing.

PUTRAJAYA: Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa says the government is considering a plan to allow young adults in the B40 group in Kuala Lumpur to rent units from it and later buy affordable housing, with part of the rental money becoming the deposit for the new unit.

He said under the proposal, more than 1,000 units of houses around the city centre would be rented out for between RM800 and RM850 a month while the tenants wait for affordable houses to be built.

“This is meant for young adults who are young civil servants or those running businesses and do not own or cannot afford their own homes. They can rent a unit for a few years.

“After the affordable houses are completed, they can buy the new houses. The rent they paid over the years can be used as a rebate or deposit for the new house,” Annuar said in a Facebook live video today.

He added the new houses could cost less than RM200,000.

Annuar also said the ministry was planning to build cafeterias and food stalls near train stations for young adults to venture into businesses.

He said the Cabinet today discussed the issue of unemployment among Malaysians after the conditional movement control order ends.

“We previously arranged jobs for the homeless after we picked them up during the MCO period and now they are offered jobs at various places.

“In fact, we also gather job vacancies from traders at the wholesale market. They need around 3,000 people and are offering RM2,000 per month. So I hope that people will take up the challenge of working in the market,” Annuar said.

Kuala Lumpur City Hall yesterday said traders could not employ foreign workers to work at their stalls starting from May 12. The authority will revoke the licences of those who fail to follow the regulation.

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