Ministry probes ‘RM11.20 a mask’ at private hospital

The domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry says the ceiling price of a three-ply face mask is RM1.50.

PUTRAJAYA: A private hospital in Kuala Lumpur is being investigated for allegedly charging a patient RM201.60 for 18 three-ply masks or RM11.20 each.

Director of enforcement in the domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry Iskandar Halim Sulaiman said the investigation follows a complaint from a patient who said he was charged the amount for the masks used by nurses to treat him.

“The price is high, equivalent to RM11.20 each, compared to the ceiling price set at RM1.50 per piece,” he said in a statement today.

Documents relating to the transaction have been confiscated from the hospital, he said.

Iskandar said the ministry was serious in ensuring that masks can be obtained at prices not exceeding the ceiling price.

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