Kids are high-risk, too, warns health DG

Children can be easily exposed to Covid-19 once the elders return home and play with them without washing their hands first.

PUTRAJAYA: Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has urged parents and families to ensure their children and babies are protected as they are also among those at high risk of contracting Covid-19.

At a press conference today, he said many children were found to have been infected by family members at home.

He urged family members not to have close interactions with children immediately after returning home from outside. They should shower or sanitise their hands first.

“We are exposed to the virus in the community. Every time we come back home, we may carry the virus and we can infect senior citizens or children.

“That’s why the health ministry is worried that during the festive season, we might bring back the virus to our hometowns and infect senior citizens and children.

“So what’s important is that we observe the standard operating procedures given,” he said.

While there have not been any severe cases or deaths among children so far, Noor Hisham stressed that prevention is better than cure.

He said Covid-19 infections could cause children to develop an inflammation of their blood vessels, a symptom known as the Kawasaki syndrome.

He also said children should be cared for by their parents or older caretakers and family members to ensure they are well-protected.

“The general public is also advised to help protect children and babies by practising safe social distancing and avoid being less than one metre away from them.”

He added that children needed to be taught to practise good hygiene.

As of today, 317 positive cases comprised children, aged below 12. The majority of them consisted of kids aged four and below.

There are also 22 positive cases involving babies less than a year old.

Selangor has recorded the most Covid-19 cases involving children with 77, followed by Negeri Sembilan with 48 and Johor with 46.


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