No more warnings, just compounds for those attempting interstate travel

Thousands continue attempting to beat roadblocks in order to cross state borders.

PUTRAJAYA: Senior Minister for Security Ismail Sabri Yaakob says those attempting to cross state borders will be issued compounds instead of being asked to turn back, as thousands continue their bid at interstate travel.

Speaking at his daily briefing here today, he said many were still travelling despite repeated warnings.

Yesterday, he added, some 1,300 people had queued up at the Kuantan police headquarters seeking permission to cross state borders.

“We have decided that interstate travel will not be allowed at all. There is no need to ask for police permission because the police will not allow it,” he said, adding that only those with emergency situations would be permitted to cross state borders.

He said 2,412 drivers had attempted to travel to other states in order to return to their home towns in time for Hari Raya.

He also said the pregnant woman who tested positive for Covid-19 after travelling interstate may have exposed others to the virus as well.

He said before she returned home, she visited several relatives in her village with whom she had had close contact.

“We do not know how many senior citizens or children would have been affected.”

He said even though the government had allowed the people to celebrate Hari Raya subject to certain SOPs, it would be best to celebrate at home as interstate travel might expose those in smaller towns to the virus and spark a need for mass screening.

He said countries like Italy saw the highest spike in Covid-19 cases after people had travelled from the cities to their home towns.

On a separate note, he said the government had decided to offer accommodation free of charge to handicapped individuals returning from overseas.

However, other returning Malaysians will still need to pay 50% of the RM150 ceiling price per night for the mandatory 14-day quarantine while foreigners including permanent residence holders must pay the full amount.

Yesterday, police detained 130 people for breaching the conditional movement control order, 62 of whom were remanded with 68 compounds issued.

The police also held 149 roadblocks and checked 217,646 vehicles.

On quarantine centres, he said 263 remain in operation with 16,553 people still undergoing the mandatory quarantine. Yesterday, 417 Malaysians returned home and were placed at these centres.

Assuring the people that there was enough food supplies and essentials, he advised them to follow the SOPs and to refrain from bringing children and senior citizens to shopping malls.

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