Sabah’s Kaamatan festival pageant goes online

Sabah’s harvest festival, Tadau Kaamatan, features a singing competition and beauty pageant. (Bernama pic)

KOTA KINABALU: Every year, merry-making for the Kaamatan or harvest festival involves thousands of people gathering at the KDCA Hall in Penampang, but with stay-at-home policies in place this year, everything is going online.

The Kaamatan festival is a month-long affair in May with a food festival outside the hall, while the Sugandoi singing competition and the Unduk Ngadau beauty pageant finals are held inside.

To keep the festivities alive, the Sabah government is taking both competitions online.

Kaamatan organising chairman Peter Anthony said video clips would be used as entry applications, from tomorrow until May 29.

Anthony said the final for the singing competition would be aired live on May 30 and the Unduk Ngadau finals on May 31 at the KDCA Hall.

“The finals would be a closed event. But Sabahans can enjoy the live streaming,” said Anthony, adding that the competitions are open to all Sabahans across Malaysia.

Usually, both competitions are held in all Sabah districts and all the district top winners would then meet for the finals to try and win the grand prize.

Up to RM150,000 in cash prizes await the winners for the Unduk Ngadau and RM44,500 for the Sugandoi.

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