Centre surrounded with barbed wire for illegals with Covid-19

Illegals from three depots at Bukit Jalil, Semenyih and KLIA are being tested for Covid-19.

PUTRAJAYA: Illegal immigrants who test positive for Covid-19 will be placed at a quarantine centre at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) which has been cordoned off with barbed wire to prevent escape.

Senior Minister for Security Ismail Sabri Yaakob said locals meanwhile will be placed at the Sungai Buloh hospital.

He said this was to keep locals and illegal immigrants apart as those without documents might try to escape.

“If they escape, it will be difficult to trace them,” he added at his daily briefing here today.

He said the illegals were from three depots at Bukit Jalil, Semenyih and KLIA.

“Those who test positive will be sent to the quarantine centre for treatment. The people will not have to worry as the area is being monitored by the police and army.”

Ismail said 4,342 illegals are at the three depots – 1,654 in Semenyih, 1,334 in Bukit Jalil and 1,358 in KLIA.

He said the process involved testing illegal immigrants caught at construction sites, factories and other places.

All illegal immigrants and their close contacts at the immigration depot will immediately undergo medical tests once an undocumented worker is tested positive for the virus.

“Those tested negative will undergo a second test while those tested positive will be sent to MAEPS,” he said.

On reports of a wedding being held at a Hindu temple, Ismail said police were investigating as no weddings were allowed during this time.

He said that as announced previously, churches and temples in green zones were only allowed to organise prayer sessions once a week from June 10 and only 30 people were allowed inside.

In addition, only 20 were allowed to attend a funeral.

On complaints of a lack of food in the Pudu area which was undergoing a semi-MCO, Ismail said this should not be an issue as the area was not under complete lockdown.

He said some shops may be closed for the first day of Hari Raya and added that he would check on the complaints.

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