Enough, leave honourably, Sabah PKR tells ex-women’s chief

Former Sabah PKR women’s chief Rahimah Majid. (File pic)

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah PKR today warned its former women’s chief Rahimah Majid against making “baseless accusations” against the party president, a day after she claimed Anwar Ibrahim had caused the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government by his “desperation” to become prime minister.

Disciplinary bureau chief Sazalye Donol also urged Rahimah to leave PKR “honourably”, saying her suspension was in accordance with the party constitution.

He told FMT that Article 41.6 of the constitution states the right of the central leadership council to suspend members until investigations by the disciplinary board are complete.

“Paragraph 5 of the letter that Rahimah received explicitly stated that she would be given the opportunity to explain to the disciplinary board, which would call her in the near future.

“This means that the board, upon completion of its investigation, would have issued a summons along with the charge against her. But with arrogance, ego and recklessness, she blamed the party president for the fall of PH.”

Rahimah said yesterday that she would not appeal against her suspension from PKR, adding however that there was no case or charge for her to answer.

She also spoke of a “witch-hunt” against those loyal to PKR, saying she and many other party leaders and members had been left with no choice but to leave.

“If Anwar had acted correctly and strategically instead of being blinded by sheer greed and lust to be the PM, and had their 92 MPs supported Tun (Mahathir) before the Agong on Feb 27 at the istana, the King would have had no other alternative but to re-appoint Tun as PM,” she said.

Sabah disciplinary bureau chief Sazalye Donol.

“Instead, Anwar and PH only realised their folly on the night of Feb 27 and reverted their stand on Feb 28 after meeting Tun (Mahathir) again to bring him back into the PH fold.”

However, Sazalye said her allegations showed a lack of knowledge about the events leading to PH’s downfall.

“The party’s disciplinary action against her has nothing to do with the president.

“I advise her, as a lawyer, to leave PKR honourably without aggravating the party.”

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