Ismail Sabri rubbishes ‘fake news’ on extended CMCO

The conditional movement control order enforced on May 4 is scheduled to end on June 9.

PUTRAJAYA: Senior Minister for Security Ismail Sabri Yaakob today rubbished claims that the conditional movement control order (CMCO) period would be extended past its current deadline of June 9.

“It’s fake news. Don’t believe it,” he said at his daily briefing here today.

The claims which have gone viral state that the CMCO will be extended with various standard operating procedures (SOPs) enforced. They also state that more businesses will be allowed to reopen.

Ismail urged the people to check the National Security Council website to determine which businesses are allowed to operate as well as the SOPs involved.

“We will decide whether to extend (the CMCO) later. The same goes for the relevant SOPs, including for interstate travel,” he said.

Ismail also said that 434 drivers attempting to cross state lines yesterday were told to turn back – a drop from the 842 recorded the day before.

He said the state with the highest number of cases was Kedah (87), followed by Negeri Sembilan (83) and Melaka (59).

“Police also slapped them with a compound for flouting the CMCO,” he added.

He said 114 people were arrested for violating the CMCO, of whom 86 were remanded and 28 released on bail.

Meanwhile, 13,230 persons under surveillance have been placed at 178 quarantine centres nationwide.

As of last night, 1,131 Malaysians had returned home from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and China, among others.

Some 1,193 students from institutes of higher learning are also scheduled to be sent home.

Ismail also said undocumented migrants who have been screened for Covid-19 will be sent to the immigration depots.

“So there is no need to wear a bracelet or wristband or for a doctor’s letter like others,” he said when asked if the undocumented migrants would be required to wear a wristband to show that they had been screened.

For other foreigners, Ismail said, a doctor’s letter would be issued.

“A wristband might imply that they are permanently negative, although they could test positive if they undergo a second test.

“This is why the health ministry does not require those who take the test to wear a wristband.”

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