Sneaking out of hotel quarantine for a smoke and to meet friends

The Sabah Health Department has found that 41 people have sneaked out of their hotels while under quarantine.

LABUAN: Some people undergoing a 14-day quarantine at hotels here have been violating regulations by going out to smoke, buy cigarettes, and to meet friends at the lobby, police said.

Labuan police chief Muhammad Farid Ahmad said those under quarantine were technical and operation staff in oil and gas companies who have been signed off from duty. They are required to undergo quarantine before being allowed to return to their homes in other states.

“Some were found to have violated the quarantine rulings by going out from their rooms to smoke, buy cigarettes and meet friends not under quarantine at the hotel lobby.

“After checking the hotels, we have recorded their particulars and should they repeat the offence, we will hand them over to the Health Department to be slapped with compound fines,” he told reporters here today.

At least seven compound fines were levied on patients for violating quarantine rulings today.

Labuan Health Department director Dr Ismuni Bohari said at least 15 quarantine-gazetted hotels were checked last night and 41 occupants undergoing quarantine were found violating the rulings.

“These patients were not in their rooms upon inspection by our teams at around 8pm to 10 pm as they had gone out of their rooms without permission and posed a health risk to others,” he told reporters today.

He said the remaining 34 of the 41 violators were given a final warning with their particulars recorded.


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