Arrest of PPBM Youth man not over leaked recording but over missing money, says MACC

MACC deputy chief commissioner urges people not to politicise the case.

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has denied reports claiming the arrest of a PPBM Youth leader is linked to an alleged audio recording of PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin.

Speaking to FMT, deputy MACC chief commissioner (operations) Ahmad Khusairi Yahaya said the arrest of the PPBM Youth treasurer was linked to the missing cash by the wing’s former chief, Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman.

It was previously reported that MACC had launched an investigation following a complaint related to the loss of some RM250,000 in cash belonging to Syed Saddiq.

Syed Saddiq had lodged a police report on March 29, saying the money was kept in a safe box in his house.

“This case has nothing to do with politics and the suspect was brought in to explain the misuse of PPBM Youth funds by certain parties,” said Khusairi.

He said he hoped people would stop politicising the issue.

Earlier, PPBM Youth information chief Ulya Husamuddin had linked the arrests to the leaked audio.

In the leaked audio, a voice, allegedly that of Muhyiddin, speaks of enticing Umno leaders to join his party with promises of government positions.

In a Facebook post today, Ulya said those who were detained by the authorities had exposed the leaked audio.

“PPBM Youth leaders are being arrested one by one, apparently for an investigation, but the charges are not clear.”

He added the party’s top leaders, including its chairman and president, were always informed of the expenses and sources of funding.

Meanwhile, a well-placed source in MACC told FMT there will be no further arrests of PPBM Youth leaders.

“The claim by some parties that other PPBM Youth leaders will be arrested is not true.

“The investigations are centred around the abuse of funds by top PPBM Youth leaders.”

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