Barbers to charge RM5 extra to cover cost of gloves, apron, disinfectant

Barbers have been badly affected by the closure of shops under the MCO. New SOPs require them to wear a disposable apron and new gloves for each customer.

KUALA TERENGGANU: Barbers in the state have welcomed the government’s decision to allow them to resume operations from Wednesday after almost three months.

Matt Barber Shop founder Mohd Yusof Taib, 38, said despite the stringent standard operating procedures (SOP) they had to follow, he was grateful that at least 60 of his employees were able to return to work.

“I pity the workers because their income has been severely affected.

“All the SOPs, like having to wear a disposable apron and new gloves for each customer, will be followed as long as they can go back to work.

“In my case, even though I have no income during the movement control order, I still have to bear costs of over RM30,000 a month, including the rent, internet bills and so on.

“I have to apply for a loan because my savings are running dry,” he told Bernama here today.

However, Yusof said he would charge RM5 more for each service at his 10 outlets in Terengganu and Pahang to cover the cost of buying disinfectants, disposable aprons and gloves to comply with the SOP.

In addition, Yusof said he expected to receive up to 70 customers a day compared with more than 100 previously to maintain social distancing.

All employees will be briefed in stages starting tomorrow to ensure they fully understand and comply with the SOPs, he added.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Tarmizi Abdul Rashid, 36, who owns two barber shops here said he would only resume business operations on June 15.

This is because he wants to really understand the SOPs and wants to see first the safety and hygiene measures being practised by other barbers.

Melaka to study SOPs first

In MELAKA, Chief Minister Sulaiman Md Ali said the state was not yet ready to allow barber shops, hair and beauty salons, morning open markets, pasar malam and bazaars to operate again on the date announced by the Federal government on June 10 and 15.

He said this was because the state government would first review the SOPs set by the National Security Council and the health ministry as the state also had its own SOPs.

He said the opening of the economic sector, especially the morning and night open markets, as well as bazaars would involve large groups at a time. Therefore, it has to be planned and implemented in detail to restrain the spread of Covid-19.

“These two SOPs will be examined in close consultation with the National Security Council and the Special Committee Addressing Covid-19 and will be announced in the near future as they involve many aspects, including social distancing, the extent of the market area involved and how to control visitor arrivals at any one time.

“We understand and sympathise with the situation of traders in the sector but, at the same time, public safety must be taken into account. After all, market operations in each state are different,” he told reporters after a visit to the packaging and distribution centre of personal protective equipment here today.

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