Penang wushu, cultural troupes can get back on the beat

GEORGE TOWN: Wushu, lion dance and dragon dance management teams in Penang have been told to apply to reopen their training centres.

Penang executive councillor for youth and sports, Soon Lip Chee, said the groups must fill up a notification form at the international trade and industry ministry (Miti) website before being allowed to reopen their training sites and to resume operation by June 15.

He said the groups could also contact the Penang Wushu, Lion and Dragon Dance Association for assistance in the application.

There are 98 such training sites in Penang.

He said the centres must carry out procedures such as sanitising equipment before and after use, ensure that coaches and operators wear face masks, and restrict the use of extra facilities such as sauna or massage room.

Trainees must maintain a distance of between 1m-3m when doing static exercises, and a distance of 3m-5m for dynamic exercises.

“During training sessions, coaches can only give instructions to the trainees verbally as they are not allowed to have any physical contact,” he said.

Penang Wushu, Lion and Dragon Dance Association president H’ng Ban Choon hoped that some competitions may be able to proceed this year.

He said that if the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia continued to remain well under control and restrictions on public activities are lifted, there would be a possibility to organise contests some time between December and January.

“But for now, we hope our life would return to normal by the end of August,” he added.


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