Selangor deputy speaker quits PKR, cites loss of confidence in Anwar

Dr Daroyah Alwi holds the show cause letter she received from PKR on May 15 when announcing her resignation from the party today.

SHAH ALAM: PKR deputy Wanita chief and Selangor deputy speaker Dr Daroyah Alwi quit the party today, citing loss of confidence in the leadership of party president Anwar Ibrahim.

Daroyah, a two-term assemblyman for Sementa and former state exco member, effectively relinquishes all party posts following her resignation.

She said she will remain an independent assemblyman for now.

“This decision was made because I have lost confidence and belief in the party’s president who has neglected the idealism of our fight and direction of the party, leading to more division,” she said at a press conference here.

Daroyah, who was also Selangor PKR Wanita chief, said Anwar and his supporters had failed to fulfil the responsibility given them by the majority of party members who had chosen them.

“I received a show cause letter on May 15 for defending the Wanita leadership, who were unfairly treated, and for speaking out against the management of the party that was chaotic.

“Unlike previously, PKR’s fight seems to no longer be for the reform agenda but simply to grab power,” she said.

She said the work of women was no longer appreciated although they had been the main machinery in mobilising PKR, adding that democracy no longer existed in the party.

Daroyah also resigned as the Kapar division leader and led 48 other Selangor PKR women leaders, councillors and division leaders out of the party.

“Aside from losing confidence, the Kapar division leadership is uncertain about its future in the party. Leaders who had the majority support and fought long and hard in the party have been removed without reasonable explanation,” she said.

Daroyah said she has not decided on joining any other party yet.

“I will write to the Selangor assembly speaker immediately to inform him of my resignation,” she said.

She said she had also personally informed Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari of her plans to resign and that he had objected to her decision. “The menteri besar did not agree with my decision, but for me, I must remain steadfast in my decision and proceed with it,” she said.

Daroyah’s resignation is the latest in a spate of exits from PKR. Jugah Muyang, the Lubok Antu MP and a former party vice-president, quit last week and threw his support behind the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government.

Recently, two assemblymen in Kedah also left the party, leading to the downfall of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) state government under Mukhriz Mahathir.

PKR women’s wing chief Haniza Talha is still suspended from the party for allegedly meeting former deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali and former vice-president Zuraida Kamurddin at a hotel in Damansara on Feb 24.

Azmin and Zuraida were sacked following their involvement in the so-called “Sheraton move” which saw the collapse of the PH government and the emergence of the PN administration.

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