TNB bosses called up to explain spike in power bills

There has been a public outcry over high electricity bills during the MCO lockdown period.

TEMERLOH: The management of Tenaga Nasional Berhad has been called up by the energy ministry to clarify the increase in electricity bills since March, which has led to a public outcry.

Energy and natural resources minister Shamsul Anuar Nasarah said TNB’s top management, led by its chief executive, Amir Hamzah Azizan, had been called to discussions with the ministry and the Energy Commission today, with another meeting scheduled tomorrow.

“TNB’s top management is required to present what they have done during this period so that we can see the issues raised as a whole. We will also provide an opportunity for them after listening to complaints and criticism of the people.

“I understand at this point that they (TNB) are fine-tuning all the discussions that took place this morning before we go into further detail at tomorrow’s meeting to make the best decision,” he said.

Asked if TNB would be held liable for making a mistake in the calculation, Shamsul Anuar said: “TNB cannot calculate bills arbitrarily. Whatever it does, it must obtain approval from the Energy Commission as a supervisory body and regulator for the energy industry.

“Hence, we are confident that the Energy Commission can ensure that this matter is resolved and we will respond to all the issues raised. I understand the public want instant results, but this is an important matter and has to be fully inspected.”

Umno calls for bulk discounts on electricity bills

Umno has called for bulk discounts to be given on electricity bills, without a complicated calculation formula based on the latest readings.

The party’s information chief, Shahril Hamdan, said TNB should provide continuous clarification on the calculation of electricity bills so that consumers are not confused. Complaints should be examined to prevent them from feeling cheated and ignored.

Shahril noted that the national stay-at-home order that came into effect following the outbreak of Covid-19 was the reason for domestic electricity consumption to be higher than normal.

DAP says PN must not ignore public calls for help

In a statement on Facebook today, DAP accused the ruling Perikatan Nasional coaliton of blaming Malaysians for not knowing how to calculate their electricity bills properly.

The party noted that when consumers had complained about high electricity bills in 2019, the then-ruling Pakatan Harapan had fined TNB RM3.6 million through the Energy Commission for overcharging the people.

The party urged PN not to abandon Malaysians now.

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