Check the minutes, DAP and Amanah tell PKR treasurer

PKR treasurer-general Lee Chean Chung is in a dispute with Loke Siew Fook (DAP) and Khalid Samad (Amanah) over who is the PH candidate to be prime minister.

PETALING JAYA: Leaders of DAP and Amanah have disputed PKR’s treasurer-general Lee Chean Chung’s remarks about whether Dr Mahathir Mohamad was Pakatan Harapan’s prime ministerial candidate.

In a joint statement DAP organising secretary Loke Siew Fook and Amanah communications director Khalid Samad said Lee was not a member of the PH presidential council and would not have known of the consensus reached during the council’s meeting on May 30.

“He never attended any presidential meeting. Thus he should check the content of the discussion and the agreement reached during the May 30 meeting,” they said.

Lee had said in a Facebook posting earlier today that PH secretary Saifuddin Nasution had stated that the May 30 meeting was solely to nominate Anwar Ibrahim as the PH candidate to be prime minister and that there was no second option, or option 2.

“Option 2 was only proposed by Tun Mahathir on June 9 at the Pakatan Harapan ++ and was never brought back to PH after that,” he said.

Yesterday, Loke and Khalid had urged PKR to return to the PH consensus to nominate Mahathir as the sole candidate to be prime minister, which they said was “a second option agreed upon at the PH Presidential Council on May 30 chaired by Anwar himself.

Loke and Khalid said today their statement was based on the decision reached at the meeting, which had been minuted.

“We suggest Lee refer to Pakatan Harapan chief secretary Saifuddin Nasution to get the minutes of the meeting before issuing any statement,” they said.

Lee had said yesterday that the PKR central leadership council had rejected the suggestion to name Mahathir as prime ministerial candidate and the party would stand by the choice of party president Anwar Ibrahim as the coalition’s sole candidate.

Loke and Khalid had said Anwar was only likely to receive the backing of 96 MPs at the most, and that Anwar had failed to obtain the support of GPS, the ruling coalition in Sarawak, which has 18 seats in the Dewan Rakyat.

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