See you in court, Shafie tells Musa over RM1 bil letter of demand

Former chief minister Musa Aman (right) is suing his successor Shafie Apdal and two other trustees of the Sabah Foundation for RM1 billion in defamatory damages and an apology.

KOTA KINABALU: Chief Minister Shafie Apdal today brushed off the demand by his predecessor, Musa Aman, for the Sabah Foundation to pay RM1 billion in defamation damages and issue an apology for publicising its multi-million ringgit suit against him.

He told Musa he will “see you in court” after confirming that the state-owned foundation has received the letter of demand.

Yesterday, Musa’s counsel, Tengku Fuad Ahmad, said in a statement a letter of demand had been sent to the foundation, naming Shafie as the chairman of its board of trustees, and trustees Jamalul Kiram Mohd Zakaria and Douglas Lind.

He said Musa wanted them to pay to a charity of his choice a sum of RM1 billion within 24 hours of receiving the demand.

They must also deliver a letter to Musa unconditionally apologising and retracting their statements, he said.

The letter of demand follows the disclosure by Jamalul on Friday that the foundation had filed a suit against Musa to recover RM872 million that allegedly went missing during his tenure as the chairman of the board of trustees.

Jamalul said the board believed the funds had gone missing due to timber activities of a dubious nature.

Today, Shafie said in his parliamentary constituency of Semporna: “Yes, we have received their letter of demand and that they would sue us for RM1 billion. But no matter, we’ll see you in court.

“This is for the importance of the Sabah people and they need to know what happened to the wealth owned by Sabah Foundation.”

On another matter, the chief minister said the state government has bought 15 million face masks and sanitizers to be distributed to the people, including those preparing to return to school when they reopen.

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