Varsity student gets offer to use Pitas education office internet facilities

A screenshot of a video shows Sabah student Veveonah Mosibin inside her mosquito net on top of a tree near her village in Pitas, with a hornet trapped inside. She had to stay on the tree to get better internet reception to sit for an exam.

KOTA KINABALU: Universiti Malaysia Sabah student Veveonah Mosibin’s endeavour to perch on a tall tree to get proper internet and sit for her online exam has earned her many admirers.

Her exploits at her village in rural Pitas were captured in a YouTube video.

State education director Mistrine Radin said officers from the Pitas district education office had offered Mosibin the use of their educational facilities to continue with her studies.

“She will also be able to sleep in the facility if she needs to,” she said.

According to the state education department, 52% of Sabah students are without any smart devices and internet access at home.

Sabah has 317,955 primary school pupils and 200,785 secondary school students with 26,429 primary school teachers and 16,339 secondary school teachers.

The state has long been plagued by various problems, including internet coverage as well as dilapidated school conditions.

Sabah state education director Mistrine Radin (in red headscarf) going through the exercise book of a pupil from SK Linungkuan at their makeshift hut in Tenghilan, Tuaran.

Following Mosibin’s case, education officials have been checking up on other students following their lessons online in their districts.

In Tenghilan, a small district at the edge of Kota Kinabalu city, 33 students endure the hot weather to follow lessons on their cracked smartphone screens. They are using them inside makeshift huts built by their parents to follow online classes.

The students are from SK Linungkuan and SM St James of Tenghilan, Tuaran.

Primary pupil Nuryatie Mellisa Melejon (primary one), Eddy Firdaus (primary five) and Form One student Idham Melejon do their revisions near a Telekom tower in their village to get better internet connection.

Radin visited these and other school students recently.

“Some are only armed with a broken smartphone but they are all quite high-spirited in not wanting to miss their lessons,” she said.

She expressed hope that internet facilities will gradually be improved.

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