Easier way to get halal certificates in the works

There is a need to simplify the process for obtaining a halal certificate, says a minister.

KUALA LUMPUR: The government will review the process of applying for a halal certificate for the food industry so that the procedure can be simplified but still meet the prescribed halal standards.

Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri,  minister for religious affairs, said the process of obtaining halal certification for a food product should not burden the applicant.

“Indeed, the government intends to look into the issue of halal certification comprehensively so that all issues facing the industry in obtaining halal certificates will be overcome. We seek to facilitate not make it more difficult.

“Except that the process just needs to be complete and properly done in accordance with the stipulated terms and standards. Especially more so in the current situation under the recovery movement control order and the new normal. What is sure is that there is more need to simplify it,’’ he said today after launching a Virtual Halal School today.

Zulkifli said among the aspects to be looked at were related to the shorter waiting period following an application and reducing the documentation involved in an application for a halal certificate.

“At the same time, the public especially Muslims should also be very careful about the halal logo displayed on the products purchased and ensure that the logo is authentic and recognised by the authorities,” he said.

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