Warisan denies latest exit of over 1,000 members

Warisan division leaders at a press conference on June 20 show forms indicating that they have left the party. (Bernama pic)

KOTA KINABALU: Warisan today disputed the number of members said to have left its Libaran division, saying the figures in question had been exaggerated.

Libaran Warisan deputy chief Mohamad Mirodin said only the members of four branches, not eight, had left the party yesterday.

In a statement, he added that there were only four registered branches in the state constituency of Gum Gum.

“Libraran Warisan wishes to deny the claim that 1,357 members from 11 divisions left the party.

“The group calling itself the third wave of Warisan defectors is the same group which left in the first and second waves.”

Mirodin also denied claims that the group led by former Batu 14 branch chief Satar Wahab had been sidelined since Warisan took over the state government in 2018.

Warisan also previously denied reports that around 1,000 members including 11 division leaders had left the party.

Libaran chief Sahar Saka said the group was led by a non-Warisan member, Jeffrey Pudang.

He said Pudang was a former member of Parti Perpaduan Rakyat who had since joined Sabah Amanah.

He also said Pudang’s membership application had been rejected due to his affiliation with Sabah Amanah.

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