Be more sensitive towards Malays in statements, pro-Anwar NGOs tell DAP

10 NGOs that met today back Anwar Ibrahim as the 9th prime minister.

KUALA LUMPUR: A loose coalition of NGOs that backs Anwar Ibrahim as the 9th prime minister has urged DAP to be more sensitive towards Malay needs so that they do not feel threatened by DAP.

Persatuan Rapat Rakyat (Rapat) president Mustaffa Kamil Ayub said the party may need to be more cautious with their statements.

“This will ensure the majority of Malays do not feel threatened.

“We need to look after each other and this is achievable,” he said during a press conference to announce their backing for PKR president Anwar Ibrahim as the 9th prime minister.

He was asked if DAP remains the weakest link in PH as it may not be accepted by the majority of Malays.

Among the nine NGOs present were Pro98, Otai Reformis, Jingga 13 Malaysia and Aktivis Rakyat Malaysia (ARM).

Persatuan Rapat Rakyat president Mustaffa Kamil Ayub.

Mustaffa said the coalition believed Anwar will support all races and religions, adding that Anwar will also make sure the Malays remain the main force in the country.

He added that 60% of the population are Malays and Islam is the official religion of the country.

“We have lived in peace and we should not bring up issues relating to race or religion.

“We need to support and respect one another,” he said, adding that the coalition will not allow anyone to play racial politics.

Mustafa said the coalition will be going to the ground and use social media to explain their stand in the spirit of the 1998 Reformasi.

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