37 arrested for breaching RMCO

Social distancing remains a must under the recovery movement control order.

PETALING JAYA: Thirty-seven people were detained yesterday for flouting SOPs under the recovery movement control order (RMCO), Senior Minister for Security Ismail Sabri Yaakob says.

In a statement, he said 32 were fined while the remaining five were remanded. Of the 37, one was arrested at a karaoke centre while 16 were found to be involved in activities which made social distancing difficult and 20 violated SOPs under the RMCO.

He said 2,762 task force teams had been deployed involving 12,343 personnel who conducted checks at 3,974 supermarkets, 5,607 restaurants, 1,315 hawker stalls, 1,079 factories, 3,718 banks and 740 government offices.

The task force also monitored 1,120 land transport terminals, 252 water transport terminals and 121 air transport terminals.

Operations against undocumented migrants also continued, with police checking 40,255 vehicles at 65 roadblocks yesterday.

Ismail said 1,494 undocumented migrants, 249 traffickers and 110 smugglers were arrested from May 1 to July 12. Fifty boats and 191 vehicles used in attempts to breach the country’s borders were also confiscated.

On the mandatory home quarantine, he said 17,152 people who arrived at KLIA had been screened for Covid-19 from June 10 to July 12.

Of these, 17,080 tested negative for the virus and were ordered to undergo mandatory isolation at their homes. Another 72 tested positive and were sent to hospital for treatment.

Yesterday, a total of 793 Malaysians arrived at KLIA and klia2 from Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Qatar, Philippines, China, Taiwan, India, Laos, Hong Kong and Myanmar.

Six were admitted to hospital while the rest were allowed to undergo home quarantine.

Another 139 entered the country through the Johor border and were told to quarantine themselves at home.

Police also conducted 1,178 checks on those undergoing home quarantine, all of whom were found in compliance with the order.


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