Cops to consider using taser guns on aggressive individuals

KUALA LUMPUR: Police are considering allowing staff to use taser guns in their daily operations, Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador says.

He said this would reduce the need to use firearms, especially when dealing with aggressive individuals.

“The police do not want to shoot anyone, and want to resolve issues without loss of life such as when dealing with persons under the influence of drugs who will be aggressive. We want to only use taser guns to resolve these cases.

“Although the use of taser guns was introduced before this, not many were provided to police staff, and most were of poor quality,” he told Bernama at Bukit Aman here.

Hamid said taser guns had a specific lifespan which depended on their quality.

“So if possible, the police want to acquire taser guns like those used by the police in the US, which are durable,” he said.

Hamid also said the police were in the process of acquiring body cams for those on patrol duty, especially in city areas.

“After this, all police patrol cars will also be equipped with cameras, and police staff with body cams as they will be interacting with the public,” he said.

He added that the body cams were approved by the previous government.

On preparations for the 15th general election, Hamid said the police were always prepared and had their SOPs in place.

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