Najib dares DAP duo to serve repo notice on Emirates DPM

The US$688 million superyacht Topaz, renamed A+ last year, has been linked to the 1MDB scandal. It is owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, deputy prime minister of the UAE.

PETALING JAYA: Najib Razak this evening challenged two DAP leaders to serve a repossession notice on the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates in order to seize the superyacht “Topaz”, which was allegedly purchased with funds linked to 1MDB.

Najib made the dare after DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and the party’s publicity secretary, Tony Pua, had demanded that Putrajaya seize the US$688 million yacht.

But Najib said the DAP pair “do not dare” tell the public from whom the government should seize the yacht. Neither did they dare tell who was alleged to have misappropriated money from 1MDB to pay for the yacht.

They should also explain why they allege that he (Najib) had stolen 1MDB money, but the person who bought the superyacht is someone from another country, Najib said.

Najib said the Justice Department had clearly stated that the yacht is owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, chairman of IPIC or International Petroleum Investment Co., which was involved in a deal with 1MDB.

Sheikh Mansour is also a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family and the owner of Manchester City Football Club. He is the half brother of the current President of UAE.

“I would like to see Guan Eng and Tony be sent to serve a repossession notice for the yacht on him,” Najib said in a Facebook post.

Najib also accused the Pakatan Harapan government of overlooking a loss of US$125 million incurred by the sale of another luxury yacht, the “Equanimity”, reportedly purchased for US$250 million with 1MDB funds but sold by the PH government for US$125 million.

He said the loss came about after the PH government deliberately scuttled plans by his administration for a settlement with the Abu Dhabi government to return every single sen “suspected missing from 1MDB” to Malaysia.

However, the PH government sued the Abu Dhabi government in London, despite the fact it meant that Malaysia would recover far less than under the settlement agreement.

“Their priority was never the interest of the country but to persecute me and the Barisan Nasional,” he said. “If the settlement agreement had stood and all the money was recovered as per the settlement agreement then the PH government would not have been able to charge me in court.”

According to a Singapore news report, financing details about the purchase of the Topaz were contained in a US Justice Department filing to a federal court in California on June 30.

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