A citizen’s arrest gone wrong — coconut ‘thief’ found beaten up

The suspected coconut thief beaten up by a group of men and items used in the assault. (PDRM pic)

BUTTERWORTH: A 31-year-old pasar pagi worker was beaten up by a group of men at a coconut grove at Kampung Selamat earlier this morning after being suspected of stealing coconuts over the past few months.

In the 5am incident, one of the men who apprehended the market worker alerted the police, who arrived to find the worker tied to his motorcycle with a raffia string, beaten up and bleeding.

North Seberang Perai district police chief Noorzainy Mohd Noor said the worker told police that he and his friend had stopped near the grove as his motorcycle had run out of fuel and they were waiting for someone to pick them up.

The friend fled when the group started assaulting them.

Noorzainy said two men claimed to have performed a citizen’s arrest on the worker, telling police they believed the pasar pagi worker had been stealing the coconuts.

Police said they arrested six men, aged 30 to 50, including two coconut grove owners, for allegedly assaulting the worker.

He said the pasar pagi worker was also detained for investigations.

Police seized a piece of wood, two metal mop handles and a bloodied rope.

“I advise those performing a citizen’s arrest to not take the law into their own hands. Just apprehend the suspect and hand over to the police,” said Zainy.

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