Muhyiddin welcome to rejoin Umno, says Tok Mat

Mohamad Hasan (left) says it would be ideal if Muhyiddin Yassin returns to Umno.

PETALING JAYA: Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan today said the party will welcome Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin back if he wishes to return.

Mohamad, also known as Tok Mat, said Umno might review the disciplinary decision to sack Muhyiddin from the party in 2016. Muhyiddin is now president of PPBM.

Mohamad said this would have a positive impact on both the Malay parties on many issues, especially in the allocation of seats for the next general election.

“It would be ideal if Muhyiddin accepts the invitation. He never left the party; he was sacked,” he said in a video interview with Malaysia Post.

“If he wants to return to Umno, the party will accept him, and we can review the decision to sack him.

“It is better that way. He will be a prime minister who has the support of the largest party with quite a number of MPs.

“It will make things easier to face the next general election, for example the allocation of seats.”

Muhyiddin, who was Umno deputy president, was sacked alongside Mukhriz Mahathir in a decision by top party leaders, including former party president and prime minister Najib Razak.