Love for Malaysia can unite nation, says PM

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin speaking at the launch of the national month celebrations at Perdana Putra today.

PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says a deep love for Malaysia can be the uniting factor for the different races in the country, calling on Malaysians to continue ensuring harmony in the nation.

In launching the national month celebrations organised by the Information Department at Perdana Putra here today, Muhyiddin expressed gratitude that Malaysians could live in harmony and peace.

“As Malaysians, we feel proud every time we see Malaysians lifting the name of our country when they accomplish achievements in their respective fields.

“This feeling comes from a genuine love for the nation. Whether our compatriots are of a different race or religion than we are, we put that aside.

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin at the launch of the national month celebrations today.

“What’s important is that they have made the country proud and flown high the Jalur Gemilang as a citizen of their beloved Malaysia,” he said.

He urged Malaysians to fly the Jalur Gemilang whether in offices, business places, at home or on their vehicles, saying it was a symbol of the nation’s sovereignty and independence.

He said the national month celebrations, themed “Malaysia Prihatin”, was in line with the government’s aspirations for all parts of society to help each other in these trying times due to the pandemic.

Muhyiddin also launched the Info on Wheels (IOW) Merdeka campaign which will see patriotic songs and messages on the Rukun Negara played through dispatched vehicles mobilised to over 153 districts. Announcements on curbing Covid-19 will also be made.

These mobile units, an initiative of the Information Department, will also put up the Jalur Gemilang in various communities, and a total of 3,060 IOW Merdeka programmes are targeted for implementation this year with 20 of them scheduled for each of the 153 districts.

“We want to see this spirit of patriotism continue to grow in our hearts. Every year, this spirit is strengthened throughout the national month celebrations and waving of the Jalur Gemilang. This way, hopefully, our love for the country will not grow cold,” Muhyiddin said.