Sugu Pavithra makes YouTube comeback with goat bone dalca

Sugu Pavithra’s goat bone dalca video garnered more than 98,000 views within three hours of being uploaded on YouTube today.

PETALING JAYA: YouTube sensation S Pavithra is back on the social media platform with a recipe for goat bone dalca.

The 6.15-minute video was uploaded this evening and racked up more than 98,000 views within three hours.

Several fans of the channel also posted positive comments supporting Pavithra’s efforts to continue her cooking videos.

“I do not care what happened to you personally, I just like your cooking videos,” said user Azman Salimon.

“Continue your efforts, M Sugu and family,” added Azman.

Another YouTuber, Ariel Serizawa, also expressed support for Pavithra’s return.

“We support each other as Malaysians (and) I hope you can succeed in the future,” he said.

Pavithra’s husband M Sugu yesterday admitted deleting all 98 videos on the channel due to personal reasons.

On Friday, Sugu pleaded not guilty in the Ipoh Sessions Court to possessing a dangerous weapon and causing injury to his wife two days earlier. However, Pavithra has since said she forgave her husband.

Pavithra also said the couple was declining any recognition or honour from any party, and wanted to focus on producing cooking videos on YouTube.