13 new Covid-19 patients

PUTRAJAYA: Thirteen new Covid-19 cases were reported by the health ministry today, after recording double digits in new cases over the last week.

This pushes the total number of infected patients nationwide so far to 8,956 with 220 active cases.

Eight were imported cases involving four Malaysians and the remaining five were domestic transmissions. Three of the domestic cases involved Malaysians, and two were foreigners.

There were no new Covid-19-related deaths reported by the health ministry today. The death toll remains at 124.

In a statement today, health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said two patients are being treated in the intensive care unit (ICU). One needed respiratory assistance.

He said five patients have recovered, bringing the total number of patients discharged so far to 8,612.

The imported cases were from the United Kingdom, India, the Philippines, Pakistan, Gambia and Ukraine.

On the domestic cases involving Malaysians, he said one was from Johor. The patient tested positive during screening for a ship’s crew. One was from the Sentosa cluster in Sarawak and one from Sabah.

For the cases involving foreigners, one patient was from the Mambong cluster in Sarawak and one was from a screening for undocumented migrants in Perlis.

Latest on 2 clusters in Sarawak

Noor Hisham also updated the number of cases in two recent clusters, both in Sarawak.

As of July 29, 198 people from the Mambong cluster had been screened, involving 188 Malaysians and 10 foreigners.

Out of this number, seven tested positive for Covid-19, involving five Malaysians and two foreigners. Another 191 were found to be negative.

Meanwhile, on the Sentosa cluster, 1,026 people have been screened, with 31 testing positive and 888 proving negative, and 107 still awaiting results.

The source of the cluster was still being investigated but the health ministry suspects that the infections were transmitted through activities within the community.

The screenings involved 397 healthcare workers, their families, 104 cleaners and security guards, 196 patients and also 221 other close contacts.

Out of the 397 healthcare workers screened, 17 tested positive and 20 were still awaiting results.

Meanwhile, four out of the 104 cleaners and security guards have tested positive.

One out of the 196 patients tested positive, while 176 were negative and 19 were still awaiting results.

Out of the 108 family members identified and tested from the cluster, two were positive, 68 were negative and 38 were waiting for their lab results.

Finally, on the 221 other close contacts, Noor Hisham said seven were positive, 184 test results came back negative while 30 were still awaiting results.