Paternity, maternity leave focus of employment act amendments

The government says it wants to improve the quality of employment in line with international labour standards.

KUALA LUMPUR: Paternity and extended maternity leave and improved protection in addressing sexual harassment in the workplace are among the issues to be given attention in the proposed amendments to the Employment Act 1955.

Deputy Human Resources Minister Awang Hashim said the proposal to amend the act was to improve the minimum standard of employment in line with international labour standards.

“To streamline the implementation of more flexible working hours in helping employees get a fair wage, the ministry also intends to create a new provision pertaining to flexible working arrangements in accordance with the new normal post-Covid-19,” he told the Dewan Rakyat.

Awang said the provision would detail flexible working hours and days as well as the place of work based on conditions agreed to by the worker and the employer.

Jugah anak Muyang @ Tambat (Ind-Lubok Antu) had earlier asked whether the government would revise the labour laws as well as reform the labour market.

To Jugah’s question on whether better salaries would be offered to Malaysians, Awang said that 56 city and municipal councils have implemented the RM1,200 minimum wage, and efforts to ensure compliance would continue.