7-day quarantine among strict measures for Causeway travel

Cross-Causeway travel for employees and business trips will resume on Aug 10. (Reuters pic)

PETALING JAYA: Strict measures have been announced for business trips and employee travel across the Causeway beginning on Aug 10. Among them are a seven-day stay-home order, controlled itineraries, and a ban on use of public transport.

Two schemes have been worked out by Malaysia and Singapore, to cover those making short working or business trips, and those who hold long-term passes.

The requirements, health protocols, and application process relating to the Reciprocal Green Lane and Periodic Commuting Arrangement were published on the websites of the immigration authorities of both countries today.

Eligible travellers will have to abide by Covid-19 prevention and public health measures, which includes screening before departure, a seven-day home quarantine, and a swab test.

Long-term pass holders must stay at least three months and may return to their home country for short-term home leave, and before re-entering for at least another three consecutive months.

The two schemes do not cover students and tourists.

All travellers will be tested for Covid-19 on arrival. Prior approval is required for all visits, and travellers must be screened before departure.

Those on visits of up to 14 days must follow a controlled itinerary, and travel by taxi, hire cars, or company vehicles, and not use public transport, the Straits Times reported.

Work-pass holders entering Singapore for 90 days or more must serve a stay-home period of at least seven days.

Those travelling on work and business must remain for at least 90 days before returning for home leave. They can only go to work after a seven-day quarantine and a Covid-19 swab test.

Short-term travel for business or official purposes will be allowed for up to 14 days under a “green lane” scheme which applies only for travel via airports in Singapore and Malaysia with non-stop flights, or by land.