Batu MP confronted for not having a permit

A press conference in Johor Bahru by P Prabakaran, MP for Batu, was interrupted by auxiliary police.

JOHOR BAHRU: A minor commotion broke out at a press conference by Batu MP P Prabakaran here this morning when he was interrupted and reprimanded by the authorities for conducting the session without a permit.

It happened about 10 minutes into the press conference when an auxiliary policeman ordered Prabakaran to end the session after it was found that he did not have a permit from the home ministry.

The press conference, about Malaysian workers in Singapore, was being held at the JB Sentral building, which houses the Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine complex.

The building is under the supervision of the home ministry and events held there require a permit.

Prabakaran chose to continue his press conference and told the media that his lawyers would deal with the auxiliary police over the matter.

The commotion subsided shortly after as the police finally allowed the session to continue, provided all those present complied with Covid-19 protocols.

Prabakaran urged the government to bear the full cost of quarantine for Malaysian workers returning from Singapore as many of them could not afford it.

“There are individuals who have been jobless for two months. So, when the condition states that they’ll have to bear their own cost of quarantine, it becomes a burden to them. In addition, I was informed that if they fail to pay the cost, legal action will be taken. This is not fair,” he said.