Azmin’s ‘frontline’ remark mere political rant, says Chow

Chow Kon Yeow says Azmin Ali is just venting his anger at former party boss Anwar Ibrahim.

GEORGE TOWN: Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow today described Azmin Ali’s rallying cry to turn Penang into a frontline state in the next general election as mere political rant.

Chow said the senior minister’s comments were actually anger vented at his former party boss and mentor, Anwar Ibrahim.

Nevertheless, he said, he will ensure that Penang remains under Pakatan Harapan.

“Penang has been a frontline state for many political parties. DAP, for instance, in 1986, also saw Penang as a frontline state,” he said in an interview with DAP’s on Facebook today.

“I think it is just political rhetoric, we don’t expect much from Azmin at this juncture. Whether or not he has any support in Penang (that is yet to be seen).

“It is not so much about Penang he is talking about, but he has channelled all his anger against one person and his family for occupying the Permatang Pauh seat for over 30 years,” he said, referring to PKR president Anwar.

Azmin, now a minister in the Perikatan Nasional federal government, said on Saturday night PN would bring about changes in the country, and that the effort to win over Penang voters would begin in Permatang Pauh on the mainland.

He also said Permatang Pauh had been a “personal issue” of a leader, his wife and his daughter, but not so much about the people who voted them in.

The area has been Anwar’s parliamentary constituency since 1982, and has been held by him, his wife Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, and currently by his daughter, Nurul Izzah.