‘Anak Kampung’ singer wants to stand in Sabah polls

Local celebrity Jimmy Palikat says he would prefer to stand as an independent. (Facebook pic)

KOTA KINABALU: Election fever has gripped Sabah and not even celebrities are spared. Local singer Jimmy Palikat, who had a national hit with his song “Anak Kampung” several years ago, is one of those thinking of contesting the state elections.

Jimmy, who describes himself as a “village boy”, said he wants to stand as an independent candidate to help the people, especially villagers.

“I do intend to stand and am interested in becoming a candidate in the state election, maybe for now it is just a dream but who knows, the nomination date has not been finalised,” he told FMT.

“I have experienced a hard life before, so if my dreams become reality, I want to help the people in my area and bring development,” he said.

He may contest in Tambunan. Jimmy, not a member of any political party, said he would prefer to stand as an independent.

“Some may laugh at my desire (to contest) but it’s not wrong to dream, what is important is that if it does become a reality, I will do my best to convince the voters, help and represent them.”

This would not be the first time a celebrity has stood as a candidate. In 2004 local actor and comedian Abu Bakar Ellah, known as “Ampal”, tried his luck in the national general election.