Good Samaritan killed in freak accident while helping stranger

Property agent Ricky Quah was known to help strangers. (Steven Quah pic)

PETALING JAYA: A 65-year-old man was killed in a freak accident while doing what came naturally to him, being a Good Samaritan.

Property agent Ricky Quah Seng Hwee was struck by his own car while he was assisting a stranger to jump-start his car at Puchong Indah on July 29.

Petrol pump attendant Malek Jamaluddin, 67, was struggling to get his car running when Quah went to his aid at about 6.40pm.

After fixing the jumper cables to the battery in Malek’s car, Quah got into his own car to rev the engine.

He had one leg on the accelerator and the other on the road when his car suddenly burst into reverse.

The surge backwards is believed to have been caused by an unintended shift from park to reverse gear.

Steven Quah (left) says the circumstances under which his father died were ‘so meaningful’ to the family. (Steven Quah pic)

Quah was knocked to the ground by the opened door and suffered serious injuries to his head.

Malek and passers-by tried in vain to revive him while waiting for an ambulance to take him to Hospital Serdang.

Quah remained in coma until he died on July 30 at 1pm.

A dejected Malek, who recounted the incident yesterday, said he was saddened by the death of a “kind man” who unselfishly offered to help him.

Malek Jamaluddin (centre, wearing face mask) at Quah’s wake on Saturday. (Quah family pic).

Malek said he felt guilty and went to Quah’s wake on Saturday to apologise to his family but was instead consoled by everyone.

Quah’s son, Steven, 30, said: “My father drew his last breath helping a stranger as he always did. It’s so meaningful to my family.”

Quah’s childhood friend from Segamat, Michael Leong, said his pal had always helped people in distress.