Sabah governor should have followed Agong’s example, says Kitingan

Sabah opposition leader Jeffrey Kitingan says the governor should have interviewed Musa Aman’s team in resolving the political crisis.

PETALING JAYA: Sabah opposition leader Jeffrey Kitingan says the governor, Juhar Mahiruddin, should have accorded former chief minister Musa Aman and 32 assemblymen aligned to him the courtesy of an audience before agreeing to dissolve the state assembly.

In a statement, Kitingan said Juhar should have followed the example of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in interviewing the elected representatives in resolving the political crisis.

He also disputed a statement by Juhar’s private secretary, Abinan Asli, saying it was “patently false”.

Yesterday, Abinan said Juhar had never received 33 statutory declarations from the assemblymen before agreeing to the dissolution of the state assembly on July 30.

Abinan also said the palace never received any official or unofficial request from Musa for an audience with Juhar.

Kitingan, the Tambunan assemblyman, said Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin and the prime minister’s political secretary had already met Juhar on July 29, informing him that Musa was ready to present 33 statutory declarations proving he had the majority support in the state assembly.

“Do they also expect the people to believe that the meeting did not take place?” he asked, adding the palace would have surely been aware that Musa held a press conference on July 29 to announce he had majority support.

Kitingan claimed that the palace mentioned on the evening of July 29 that it was too late for an audience and suggested to Osman Jamal, the representative of the assemblymen, to present the SDs the next day.

So, they abided by the request and Osman went to the palace at 9am as scheduled to officially present the SDs.

“Is it merely a coincidence that Shafie met the governor requesting a dissolution minutes before Osman representing the 33 presented the original SDs?

“I am compelled to give the above chronology of events that unfolded between July 29 and 30 leading to the dissolution because the truth must be told and justice must prevail,” he said.